Online Payments in Asia

Payment experience done right.

Easy, Flexible, and Secure


TofuPay offers a comprehensive set of tools to make your payment experience easier.


Create a payment form that matches your brand's look and feel to increase your conversion rate.

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ASIA First

Localised currencies, payment methods and customer support to address the specific needs of Asian merchants and their customers.

Easy Integration

Start accepting payments in minutes and a few lines of codes with our powerful API and clear documentation.

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Made For Developers

Created to make the lives of developers easier. Our powerful RESTful API and a joy to use documentation allows to integrate our solution with ease.

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Our feature-rich dashboard allows you to manage your business with ease. All the information is presented in a very clear manner to help you analyze the performance of your business. There are many tools to manage your transactions, customers and payments.

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100% Secure


We enforce secure connection to keep sensitive information sent across the Internet encrypted so that only the intended recipient can understand it.

PCI DSS Compliance

TofuPay follows the requirements defined by the payment card industry to ensure a strong protection of cardholders data.

Regular Security Checks

Our network and system is regularly checked for vulnerabilities to make sure the platform is fully secure from inside and out.